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Euro 7,90 year (vat.ex.) your domain www. /.com/.net/.org/.info/.biz
With unlimited web space + 6 E-mail with antivirus and antispam euro
19,17 year

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19,17 (vat.ex.) year!
servizio domini lion  "LION" Profile
21,67 (vat.ex.) year!
ok Domain registration (es:,
ok Ulimited web space,
ok 6 E-mail,
ok 6 GB montly Bandwith
ok Antivirus and Antispam,
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ok Domain registration (es:,
ok Unlimited web space
ok 6 E-mail ,
ok 6 GB montly Bandwith
ok Antivirus and Antispam,
ok Link to 200 Search Engine
ok Frontpage Extension
DB Access
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Servers.  All our servers works on Windows Server 2003 or Linux Fedora Project, with Dual Pentium Xeon 3,8 GHz. Support languages: ASP , CDONTS, PHP v. 4.3.4, ActivePERL, Front Page Extension.
You can download web site  with any type of Ftp and with Front-Page and edit your web site with your favorite editor and Macromedia (Flash) tools
Activation time: 12h for U.S.A. extension and 2-3 gg. for the other. The instruction are very easy and friendly. With WebMail service you are able to manage your @mail where ever you are.
Our client: Association, Pubblic entity (School, Ospital, ecc), Religious comunity, Companies, Freelance, ecc.
© All rights reserved 2000/2007 A.D. Is a WEBURL Soc. Coop. Via Europa 16, 12039 Verzuolo, Cuneo Piemonte Italy. P.Iva 02813960040.
   Cooperatives society n° A118759 - Code: P

W3C World Wide Web Consortium
We build professional web site with W3C validation

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